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Schoeller Allibert and RECALO agree on strategic alliance

By 23. October 2019 November 7th, 2019 Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert and RECALO agree on strategic alliance

Schoeller Allibert, one of the largest manufacturers of reusable plastic packaging in Europe, and the pooling company RECALO from Laatzen expand the cooperation and agree on a long-term strategic cooperation. One component of this agreement is a long-term supplier agreement for the new foldable returnable load carrier Magnum Optimum 1208. Due to its outstanding properties, the Magnum Optimum 1208 can be used in various industries. The returnable load carrier is the result of several years of development by both companies. The Magnum Optimum 1208 is manufactured optionally for RECALO in a special version, which was especially developed for use in the FMCG and food industries and is distributed by RECALO under the name Smart Heavy Pac (SHP).

In Berlin, the two companies confirmed the start of joint supplier and marketing activities for the new collapsible large-volume container Smart Heavy Pac (SHP). Arash Ranjbar, Managing Director of RECALO GmbH and Hans-Joachim Wiedmann, Managing Director of Schoeller Allibert GmbH signed the agreement.

“This contract will considerably expand our partnership with Schoeller Allibert and significantly strengthen our position as a recognised pooling and logistics service provider”, said Arash Ranjbar at the signing of the supply contract. The signed agreement is part of the framework agreement concluded with Schoeller Allibert and covers a sales volume of up to € 11.4 million for the next five years.

A further part of the supplier agreement is the production of a load-bearing intermediate layer, which makes it possible to divide the internal volume of the returnable load carrier. “The design and development of the intermediate layer was carried out jointly by the two companies in order to achieve smooth integration into the foldable returnable load carrier. In particular, the players in the FMCG industry have a great need to protect the products to be transported in the best possible way. We achieve this through the optional use of the SHS (Smart Heavy Shelf) intermediate layer, which we developed together with Schoeller Allibert,” explains Daniel van der Vorst, Managing Director of RECALO GmbH. RECALO owns the tool and leaves it to the manufacturer.

“This order has a special significance for RECALO. We were able to incorporate our many years of experience in the pooling business into the design and development of the new reusable load carrier. Essential functions have been implemented in the product design so that we can meet the increased requirements of our customers. With the new returnable load carrier system, we will implement our goal of being a reliable and even more efficient service provider. We are delighted to have found the ideal implementation partner in Schoeller Allibert,” says Arash Ranjbar.

With this commitment, RECALO is strengthening its claim to become an innovative pioneer among the pooling companies.

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