Do you produce or supply sensitive goods?

A Euro pallet with cardboard boxes is not the right cargo carrier for you?

You want to avoid disposable packaging and you know the time and
resource-intensive expenditure of your own container logistics?

We at RECALO GmbH have the suitable containers and we
also take care of all aspects that are necessary for a modern and
sustainable container logistics today needs

What is pooling?

  • Supply of all containers in the desired quantity and at the desired time
  • Transport logistics of the containers to all locations
  • Efficient collection from all actors in the network
  • Cleaning, maintenance, quality and container management

Reasons for pooling?

  • No investments – no capital commitment
  • No internal organization of packaging or container logistics
  • No unnecessary inventories with low capacity utilization
  • Clean and simple handling without the use of machines
  • No defective or dirty Euro pallets
  • Low environmental impact due to reusable principle
  • Flexible and just-in-time available overall solution for container logistics
  • Pooling means: we take care of the load carriers!

Value add by pooling?

  • Large volume for transport
  • Small volume for storage and recirculation
  • Stable, stackable, recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly and economical


reusable carriers
compact storage

reusable carriers
Efficient storage

Stackable up to 6-high

in block storage

maximum double stackable

reusable carriers
compact transportation

reusable carriers loaded

Efficient transport utilisation
High risk of damage
Large empty volume



One-way packagings vs RECALO reusable carriers

  • capital commitment
  • complex handling
  • large space requirement
  • costly procurement from different suppliers
  • risk of injury
  • time-consuming
  • high personnel expenditure
  • complicated handling
  • moisture damages
  • splinter of wood
  • defective cardboard
  • large waste volume
  • environmental impact
  • large space requirement
  • cost-intensive
  • easy handling
  • no capital commitment
  • compact
  • everything from a single source
  • light
  • fast
  • simple
  • cost-effective
  • save
  • clean
  • gentle
  • efficient warehousing
  • environmentally friendly – without waste
  • simple handling