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RECALO: Your partner for pooling and asset management

RECALO GmbH from Germany (Hannover) offers services in the field of asset and load carrier management as well as comprehensive logistics services.
These services are offered to companies from various industrial sectors such as the food, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries.
In our core business, the pooling of reusable load carriers, we combine distinctive technical know-how with modern, specially developed IT and offer our customers tailor-made solutions.

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What does pooling mean?

A Europallet is not the right load carrier for you? You would like to avoid disposable packaging and are familiar with the time-consuming and resource-intensive work involved in your own container logistics?

We at RECALO GmbH have the right containers and we also take care of all aspects that modern and sustainable container logistics needs today.

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The business segment of RECALO GmbH primarily comprises asset and load carrier management services as well as logistics services. These services are offered to companies from various sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetics sector
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Household industry

Our focus

RECALO – a powerful partner

  • Extensive industry experience – over 15 years in the packaging industry
  • extensive logistics and pooling competencies
  • Experience with the conception, design and manufacture of returnable load carriers
  • short and fast decision paths
  • Experience in IT and software development – especially new technologies


  • comprehensive protection of the transported goods
  • no deformations
  • no damage due to penetrating moisture
  • no blocking of foil packaging
  • no contamination
  • Safety stocks to secure against fluctuations in demand
    • Interception of seasonal fluctuations
    • Interception of unforeseeable demand fluctuations

Environmental protection

By using RECALO reusable load carriers, the various disposable packaging such as cardboard boxes, additional films and pallets are reduced to a minimum during transport. This reduces the amount of waste generated.

  • the environment is protected

The loading volumes on the transport routes can be optimally utilised by the fully stackable and emptied returnable load carriers.

  • More goods per load volume
  • Reduction of the number of truck transports
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions


  • No procurement of one-way packaging
  • no capital commitment through the purchase of returnable load carriers
  • no costs due to product damages or additional handling
  • optimal truck utilization
  • no pick-up, inventory management and no management with own reusable load carriers
  • Avoidance of empty runs
  • efficient combination of cargoes

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