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SMART-Pooling, Schreiner PrinTrust and RFID

By 29. November 2021 April 19th, 2023 Headquarter, NEWS

About returnable load carrier detection with RFID, corporate transparency and the partnership with Schreiner PrinTrust

RECALO specializes in pooling, i.e., the provision of load carriers (containers/boxes), for efficient container cycles. As a full-service provider in the field of reusable container logistics and asset and load carrier management, one thing is always in the foreground, our customers.

Without exception, consistency, quality, hygiene and transparent processes are very important in a complex logistics environment.

Compared to single-use load carriers, modern reusable load carriers are highly efficient, resilient, and sustainable multi-talents. Tailored to individual customer needs, the optimized handling, load security, efficient volume utilization and sustainability are key added values of our load carrier solutions.

After completion of a pooling cycle, all load carriers pass-through washing systems and are then inspected by tapping tests for complete product hygiene.

Illustrative example:
In one day, over 1,900 returnable load carriers are cleaned and dried with our pass-through washing systems. To give you an idea: with container cleaning in the high six-figure range per year, this corresponds to a total stacked height of approximately 57 Mount Everest mountains.

The volume of returnable load carriers as well as the logistical dimension illustrate the importance of transparency in all areas. In this context, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) label solutions are a technical component of transparent flows of goods, optimally complementing conventional barcode labels.

“Schreiner PrinTrust supported us from the very beginning in achieving the goals of product-related transparency and recordability. In partnership with Schreiner PrinTrust’s experts, numerous added values have been realized in a customer-oriented manner using long-range UHF RFID label technology.”

– Daniel van der Vorst | CIO, RECALO GmbH

The RFID label is suitable for resistant as well as long-lasting attachment to various load carrier surfaces that withstand special requirements during cleaning.

From ‘birth’ on, each container receives a unique ID, which is technically extended by RFID label, but is not limited to it. In addition, a barcode for optical detection with conventional readers as well as the basic number of each load carrier are printed in plain text.

With RFID, many load carriers can be detected as a ‘bulk’ in a single operation. The transmitting and receiving signals can be detected through different materials, such as cardboard, wood types or plastics. Therefore, a direct contact is not necessary, which generates significant time and effort savings.

At the same time, RFID labels offer high data security through copy protection and encryption.

“RECALO is the ideal partner for us. RECALO’s advanced returnable load carriers can be perfectly combined with our RFID solutions. Using RFID technology, Schreiner PrinTrust’s labels enable time-saving bulk registration of containers, documenting them securely, accurately and transparently.
I am convinced that our partnership will enable numerous customer-focused solutions in the future.”

– Dr. Kai Schnapauff | Director of the Schreiner PrinTrust division

Additional information about the current location, ambient temperature, humidity or vibrations during transport or storage would be relevant information that would offer significant added value to our customers in terms of goods cycles. We are looking forward to the journey and the innovations and are in exchange with our reliable label partner Schreiner PrinTrust.

About Schreiner PrinTrust:
Schreiner PrinTrust, a division of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Oberschleissheim near Munich, develops and markets specific functional and security labels for system providers and service providers with a focus on identification and authentication solutions. The focus is on customized self-adhesive products and services for secret number protection, NFC stickers for contactless payment systems, RFID solutions for automatic product identification, and fee and authorization credentials such as vignettes, badges and transfer seals.

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