Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

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Results of the 2023 customer survey

As a reliable partner and provider of international pooling and asset management services, the satisfaction of our customers is an absolute priority.

For this reason, we once again conducted a satisfaction survey at RECALO at the end of the 2023 financial year. All results are shown as an average (Ø).

The feedback was analyzed as a whole and will help us to further optimize RECALO in the future, as critical voices were also heard. Overall, the results obtained confirm our focus on satisfaction, performance and the highest service and product quality.

Results of the survey

Rating scale: 1 (dissatisfied or complicated) to 10 (very satisfied or very simple).
All results given as an average (Ø).

Quality of our products
Handling of our products
Quality of our services
of our
Processing of the orders

Rating scale: 1 (dissatisfied) to 10 (very satisfied).
All results given as an average (Ø).

Response time
Service in sales
Customer service
Complaints management
Service of logistics
Overall satisfaction with RECALO

The overall satisfaction with the collaboration with RECALO was assessed separately; range: 1 (very low) to 10 (very high).

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Scores (NPS) were calculated by asking about the likelihood of recommendation of RECALO to others. With an NPS of +66.67%, we have achieved an excellent score that stands for itself. (+63.13% in 2022)

NPS calculation

NPS = (%promoters) – (%distractors); possible NPS range: -100% (negative maximum) to +100% (positive maximum).

15 trees per survey participation

per survey participation

Your participation in this year’s customer survey has a direct positive impact: In cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects, we are planting 15 trees for every complete survey participation and thus supporting reforestation at the project site “Djabissa” in Mozambique, South Africa. This campaign harmonizes with our sustainable and continuously CO2-reducing corporate orientation at RECALO.

Your feedback not only sparks ideas, it is the beginning of a living forest!

© Eden Reforestation Projects; Mozambique, mangrove planting.

How Eden renews landscapes


Eden works closely with local communities and other key stakeholders such as governments, non-profit organizations, NGOs and private companies to plan and implement restoration projects.

Various methods of landscape restoration are used, such as seedling production, planting biodiverse plant species, promoting natural regeneration, agroforestry, protected seed rearing, fire monitoring and control, and planting for erosion control.

Eden places emphasis on avoiding land conversion, using high quality native plant species and protecting the diversity of nature.

By applying science-based restoration practices, Eden strives to create tangible benefits that are specifically tailored to local communities, improving their well-being, enhancing livelihoods and restoring and sustaining the local environment.

Reforestation, "Djabissa" site (Mozambique)

The “Djabissa” reforestation project


covers an area of 515.74 hectares and is located south of the capital of Mozambique, Maputo, along a large canal leading to Maputo Bay. The objectives of this sustainable project are to reforest and protect the mangrove forests in the region.

Before the project began, the mangrove forests in this area were severely affected by deforestation and forest degradation caused by charcoal production and the collection of wood for cooking, construction and other purposes.

In collaboration with the local community, the organization Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) is now actively working to reforest this extensive mangrove estuary. Native mangrove species such as Avicennia marina, Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza are being planted to revitalize and sustainably protect the mangrove forests.

Find out more:

Reforestation, "Nhanvengo" site (Mozambique)

The “Nhanvengo” reforestation project


is located in the Dondo district of Sofala in central Mozambique. This region has a climate in transition from tropical rainforest to hot steppe. During the Mozambican civil war (1977-1990), access to rural areas was difficult, which led to passive nature conservation. After the end of the war, the rate of deforestation increased due to the development of the country, especially in the large- and small-scale forestry sector (logging, firewood collection, charcoal production).

In addition to political and economic challenges, the district is also exposed to cyclones. These storms bring heavy rainfall, flooding, soil erosion and damage to the forest cover. The cyclones also affect local agriculture, leading to food insecurity and loss of income.

As part of a sustainable project, Eden is committed to the reforestation of the Nhanvengo site in order to counteract ecological losses and improve the livelihoods in this district.

Find out more:

More reforestation projects

La Muralla reforestation project, Honduras


A large-scale project is currently being implemented at the La Muralla 1 and La Muralla 2 sites in Honduras, where a total of 360,000 trees are to be planted. This measure is of the utmost importance due to the significant loss of over one million hectares of forest in Honduras over the last two decades, mainly caused by bark beetles. The reforestation project aims to restore these lost forests and plays a crucial role in revitalizing biodiversity and restoring much-needed fresh water supplies.

Reforestation project, Aranta 13, Madagascar


An impressive 179,960 trees are to be planted in Madagascar, specifically at the Aranta 13 site. This project is a response to the alarming 90% loss of forest cover in the country. Of particular importance is the replanting and protection of mangroves, which serve to revitalize the fishery, which is a fundamental source of food for the local population. In addition, mangrove restoration acts as protection during hurricanes and floods and contributes to the overall resilience of the island.

As well as many other reforestation projects



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Summary & outlook

Full of anticipation and enthusiasm, we look to the future and strive to impress with innovative approaches, absolute quality and first-class service.

The feedback we received confirms that we are on the right track and we would like to thank everyone who took part.

Our aim now is to maintain the results of our survey in the future and to further improve our already high standards in terms of product handling, complaints management and security of supply.

Download a brief overview now, including statements from our CEO,
Arash Ranjbar.