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SMART FLUID PAC OptiFlow 1200 x 1000 x 1180


Optimal liquid logistics with foldable IBC

Maximum profitability


The SMART FLUID PAC OptiFlow 1200 x 1000 x 1180 (SFP-OF-1210-1180) has external dimensions of 1200 x 1000 x 1180 mm (L x W x H). A capacity of approx. 1040 L and 3000 kg dynamic load capacity provides for an optimized use of space and load in road and rail transport. In the folded state up to eight folded SFP-OF-1210-1180 can be loaded in a standard truck with an interior height of three meters. This reduces the costs for reverse logistics, in some cases significantly, and reduces the environmental impact.

Suitable for automation


The SFP-OF-1210-1180 is fully compatible with standard automation and conveyor systems due to its robust base, three reinforced skids and additional anti-slip strips.

Each SFP-OF-1210-1180 is equipped with a barcode label with an integrated RFID transponder.

Advantages RFID:

• Simultaneous acquisition of many transponders (bulk acquisition)
• Visual contact between transponder and reading/writing device is not necessary
• Faster capture


Frequency range: UHF 860 – 960 MHz
Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v1.2

Technical data


External dimension erected (L x W x H)
1200 x 1000 x 1180 mm
Internal dimensions erected (L x W x H)
1130 x 930 x 985 mm
External dimensions folded (L x W x H)
1200 x 1000 x 375 mm
Erected / folded incremental height
1155 mm / 350 mm
Dynamic stacking height erected
(quantity / height)
2 / 2335 mm
Static stacking height erected
(quantity / height)
5 / 5800 mm
Dynamic stacking height folded
(quantity / height)
8 / 2825 mm
Static stacking height folded
(quantity / height)
15 / 5275 mm
Tara weight
90 ± 1.5 kg
approx. 1040 L
Load capacity
1400 kg
Polypropylene (PP)
Folding ratio
3.5 : 1
Temperature resistance
- 20°C to + 50°C
Static load capacity (1 + 4)
7500 kg
Dynamic load capacity (1 + 1)
3000 kg

Improved truck utilization

Truck type

Standard Tautliner


Industrial Standard IBC*
Improvement (%)*
250 %
300 %

*Industrial standard IBC (empty) vs SFP-OF-1210-1180 (empty & folded).

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Features and characteristics of SFP-OF-1210-1180

Easy valve operation & protection against impurities


SFP-OF-1210-1180 series load carriers provide generous space in the bottom connection area to ensure effortless and intuitive valve connection for loading and unloading.

The cover in the bottom connection area effectively protects sensitive connection elements from contamination and magnetically adheres to the IBC wall plate above when open.

Tamper Evidence [TE] Clip


The sump cover of SFP-OF-1210-1180 series can be secured with an TE-Clip (Tamper Evidence [TE] Clip) to prevent unauthorized opening, loss or removal of fluids.

Each tamper-evident clip is equipped with a unique security identifier (ID). After the Smart Fluid Pac is filled and the sump cover is closed, the tamper evident clip is simply attached to the cover.

Lid with self-locking mechanism


SFP-OF-1210-1180 load carrier series has a lid with self-locking handles. To open the lid, first release the latch and then the lid can be removed by the handles.

To close the lid, simply place it on the Smart Fluid Pac and press down, causing the locking handles to self-lock and securely hold the lid in place.

For added security, a Tamper Evidence [TE] Clip with a unique security identifier (ID) can be attached to the locking handles to prevent unauthorized opening.

Automatic drainage system


The bottom of OF-1210-1180 Smart Fluid Pacs is designed to slope slightly from the back to the front connection area. This allows excess fluid to drain on its own from the drainage holes in the bottom.

This feature ensures that rain or other liquids are not trapped in the bottom of the IBC.

Liquid level indicator


During filling or emptying the SFP-OF-1210-1180 load carrier allows the operator to view the filled volume through transparent windows.

The inside also features a scale for intuitive fill level indication and remaining quantity detection.

Anti-slip stripes for easy operation


The SFP-OF-1210-1180 series is equipped with robust and durable skid systems that ensure maximum safety, impact resistance and stability for your load.

The anti-slip rubber plates on the bottom reliably prevent the container from slipping when using industrial trucks.